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EP Adventures Cook Out

The gang at EP Adventures is gathering for a cook out on Saturday, June 24th. Follow us that day on Facebook beginning at 3pm as we give away prizes every hour on the hour!

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Mike Endres reveals his secret to cooking the perfect crock pot venison roast.

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  1. Woods-N-Water Outdoor Weekend

    September 8th, 9th, & 10th 2017 in Imlay, MI at the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds.

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Morning Turkey
Bone Fever Bird

EP's Mike Houseman films his buddy Chris punching his tag on this nice Jake. They will also be filming a Bone Fever segment with this bird on how to prepare and properly mount your bird to a Bone Fever Turkey Keeper.

10 Inch Bearded Tom
Never Give Up!

This is Mike, Carter and Gina with Carter's 10 inch Tom. Carter really had to work for this bird: 14 hours in the turkey woods, throwing up in uncle Mike's truck, a spooked 11 incher at 10 yards to Finally sealing the deal with an Awesome 50 yard shot! "Carter, NEVER give up!" - Gina

Bow Fishing
Bow Fishing

Thanks to Captain Sam for showing us a fun night on the river bow fishing. We came away with 4 carp, a 10 pound cat fish and 2 gar.