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Michigan Doe
Public Land Buck

Gina connects on another public land trophy! Scott was teamed up with her on this hunt and got to view another perfectly placed shot at 30yds! Gina blew the top of this dude's heart out and both lungs!

Michigan Buck
The One

Bryan Lape gets it done on the one he has been waiting on. You will see this buck had no clue that a Rage Broadhead just took out both of his lungs. He just wags his tail and looks around before dropping. Great job, Lape!

New Year's Eve Doe
Last Call

"I can't find my arrow." Cheesy kicked off the New Year with this old Doe. He went for the good ol' Texas heart shot and buried his chisel tip Rage Broadhead where the sun don't shine. We found the Carbon Express Arrows when we flipped her onto the hauling sled (inside the cavity).