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    Sat Aug 27th from 8am to 4pm. City Church will be joining us at noon to bless our bows and your upcoming hunting season.

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Busted Wing Bone
Busted Wing Bone

Congrats to EP's Jody Rus! Jody put his Rocky Mountain 405 to work on this beautiful tom! Rage Broadhead's Chissel Tip busted the wing bone right in half! As you all know that is one solid bone to bust! Dead in his tracks!

First Gobbler
First Gobbler

Congrats to Scott and Gina's 11-year-old niece Remington! She took her very 1st gobbler! 6.5" beard.

Jake Turkey
3rd Shot's the Charm

Scott & Wolfe Sr. teamed up to punch a tag! It was the final day for Wolfe to get a hunt in. Being 86 degrees, he wasn't about to get picky!