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WLLA's Saturday Outdoors

Get ready for EP TV! Beginning in April, EP Adventures will be a part of WLLA's Saturday Outdoors line-up at 4 P.M. You will typically find WLLA on channel 64.

Turkey Rage Extreme

Rage Broadheads has asked Scott and Gina to attend Cabela's in Grand Rapids, MI on April 13th from 1 P.M. until 3 P.M. to show appreciation to all the supportive Rage shooters and to discuss the new Turkey Rage Extreme broadhead before the Michigan Turkey opener.

Own all 6 DVDs

You can now own all 6 EP Adventure DVDs at the discounted price of $36 while supplies last!

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Hog Bow Kill
1st Compound Kill

We had such a fun day with little Brayden Lape trying to capture his very first compound kill on video. Brayden made a perfect Double Lung shot on this Sow, at 19 yards for a 50 yard track.

Pig Hunt
Tri-colored Stolker

With Scott and Gina in tree stands half-frozen and 1 hour remaining of daylight, Scott and Gina got down to take over the heated blind that Brayden took his hog from earlier in the day. They hoped a group would come in to feed before dark. 30 minutes of light left and 19 Hogs came in (a variety of Russians and Stolker's). Scott opted for this tri-colored Stolker at 35yds and blew him out, quartering away, into his opposite shoulder.

Hog Hunt
Hog Heart Shot

Gina made an incredible heart shot at 22yds with a Rage Broadhead chisel tip. Scott was set up directly over her shoulder with the camera to capture her Nockturnal Lighted Nock leave her bow and fly directly into the Hog for one of the easiest and most fun blood trails to follow. Smoked it!