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String Music
Family Traditions
Stars & Stripes
String Music - $10 $6


It's about time! These good Ol' Michigan boys took a break from the Networks to bring you some of their funnest moments. As true Michigan natives, these guys and gals truly believe that the word trophy is in the eye of the beholder, and that's all that matters. So join us on this Adventure! Why? Because you're just like us! No B.S. 18 Bloody Arrows and less talk, more hunt action that will make you wanna pick up the bow and start flingn' Arrows. So pull the trigger on this one and let's get on the track together!!

Hunts to Enjoy:

  • Public Land Bruiser
  • 1st Bow Kill
  • Public Land Pass Through
  • Pumped Up
  • Bone Bustin' Girl
  • Midday Attack
  • Hoosier Land
  • Boot Sniffer
  • Threadn' the Needle
  • Buzzer Beater
  • Hog Wild
  • Feed the Hungry
  • Gobble This
  • Camp Meat
  • White Belly Roll
  • 1 Sunrise 2 Kills
  • Roll Over, Good Boy
Family Traditions - $10 $6

Welcome to EP Adventures, Family Traditions. The EP Staff all have one thing in common, and that is their obsession with hunting started the same way, by Family tradition. In this video it's time to pass the tradition down to their own children! Come along on this adventure as you will laugh, cheer and probably laugh again. There is no greater hunt than a child's first! KEEP THE TRADITION ALIVE

Hunts to Enjoy:

  • Defeating Temptation
  • First Buck
  • Daddy Daughter Date
  • Lumeneck
  • Iced em Both!
  • First Snow
  • October Sunrise
  • Action Packed
  • Tagged Out
  • Fill the Freezer
  • Last Rib
  • Double Vision
  • Ground Attack
  • Gypsy
  • Old Man Buck
  • Happy New Year!
Stars & Stripes - $10 $6

Welcome to EP Adventures, "Stars and Stripes." The EP Staff would like to thank all of the men and women of our armed forces this hunting season, and we are dedicating each hunt to them! There would be no hunting without freedom, and because of our entire armed forces we have the privilege to enjoy great hunting in this wonderful country. This video is dedicated to all who protect this nation, both foreign and domestic. God bless you all.

Hunts to Enjoy:

  • Muleys to Beards
  • Double Lung
  • Sophie's 1st Buck
  • Gina Tags Out
  • Chief Knock 'Em Dead
  • Going Deep
  • Hog on Ice
  • Swamp Buck
  • Day to Remember
  • Kidney Shot
  • Siblings
  • Off with the Head
  • For the Guys
  • Gina's Hit List