Tips From the Pros

scent control

For Mature Bucks, Not the Little Guys

You've heard it a million times, but do you correctly practice scent control? There is no point going after a mature buck if you drove to the woods wearing your camo. Store your clean clothes in a scent free tote until you're ready to enter the woods, make sure you've showered, spray yourself with a scent eliminator before and during your hunt. Scent control suits can help as well. If you're at a camp where you can't shower or keep clean, stand in front of the campfire smoke for 5 minutes before going out (it really does work). During the fall there isn't a deer in the north woods that isn't used to the smell of burning leaves. Lastly, play the wind. You might do everything right, but if the Big Boy is directly downwind he'll pick you up 9 out 10 times no matter how well you try to hide your scent. And if he catches you once, you probably won't see him in that location again, during daylight anyway. You may be able to get away with some errors in some other states, but in most parts of Michigan, where hunting pressure is high, you can't. Most of our mature bucks have only survived past their first set of antlers because they learned how to avoid the hunter. So apply every step in controlling your scent and don't waste your time doing only half the work. The results will pay big bucks.

EP Adventures Pro Staff